Tuff Tribe Spotlight: Randy Cooling Gear Dump

I’ve been bow hunting big game for 46 years and have always had a fascination with trying out different gear. I’m sure that I have thrown away and given away more gear than most hunters have owned in a lifetime. There are lots of good products manufactured today. Some of the following items I’ve been using for years and some are fairly new but proven in the field.

BOW: 62” Black Widow PMA II Graybark 64# @ 29”. Custom Cooling grip and inset sight window

QUIVER: Arrow Master back quicker. Prototype Safari Tuff 2 Arrow bow quiver.

STRING: Mountain Muffler X99. BCY nocking point serving.

LIMB ACCESSORIES: Stiktamers. Limb tip protectors on both limbs

ARROW REST: Springy Rest

CLICKER: Crick-it. Convert chain to BCY Crossbow cocking cord.

ARROWS: Black Eagle X-Impact 300 Spine

FLETCHING: Vanetec HP 2” and 3” AAE Trad Vanes 3”. FLETCHER: Arizona ez fletch mini. Bitzenberger.

CRESTING: Onestringer wrap.

BROADHEAD: Valkyrie Jagger

FINGER PROTECTION: Safari Tuff Prototype calf hair tab.

BOW CASE: Safari Tuff Transformer .

CLOTHING: Sitka Gear. Timberline pants, Traverse shirt, Traverse gloves and Kelvin Active jacket.

SOCKS: Fox River Tramper.

BOOTS: Schnees Granite 200 mountain boots.

GAITERS: Kenetrek

BINOS: Swarovski 10x42 EL

RANGE FINDER: Nikon Prostaff 7i.

BACKPACK: Kifaru Muskeg (backpacking). Kifaru Antero or 14er (carry on).

TRAVEL DUFFLE: Eagle Creek soft roller duffle.


TENTS: Hilleberg Niak. Cabelas Alaskan Guide.

SLEEPING PAD: Thermarest Neoair.

SLEEPING BAG: Still looking for the perfect one to fit my shoulders. KNIFE: Havalon Rebel.


MISC: Leuko Tape.


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