Trophy Room

Take a look at these Safari Tuff customers and their amazing trophies! Do you have a trophy to share with us? Please email us at to share your success!

Gino Bruno with his first Arrow Master buck!
Denny Sturgis Sr. with his bruiser Arrow Master buck!
Scott Parsons with a very nice spring Arrow Master Bear!
Denny Sturgis Jr. with a very nice 6pt Arrow Master buck!


Terry Green with another fine Texas buck!


Joe Lasch teamed up with his Arrowmaster on this outstanding Mule deer!


Joe with his Arrowmaster Elk!


Joe’s outstanding WI Buck.


Mark Rutland got it done!


Mike Windemuler with his Arrowmaster buck.


Kieth Karr with his CO Elk. Congrats Keith!


'Denny with a cold weather Arrowmaster buck!


Rich with another “HOG” Arrowmaster buck. Looks like the younger Niblock is well on his way!


My buddy Denny Sturgis Jr. scores once again with his spring Arrow Master Turkey! Thanks to Denny for all his design input and field testing!


Denny with his “Vampire” hog taken in Argentina.


And another critter from Argentina. This time a Capybara.


Young Craig Grounds and Dad are all smiles!


'Gino Bruno with another great Arrow Master buck!


Denny does it again!


Rich Niblock with his 08 “hog” Arrow Master buck. WOW! nice one Rich!




Denny with his Arrowmaster moose.


Terry Green with his Arrowmaster big pig!