Tuff Tribe Spotlight: Jim Eeckhout Gear Dump

I have been a lifelong Traditional Bowhunter and
have been hunting big game for 45 years. I have
been fortunate to hunt many species throughout
the Lower 48, Alaska, Canada and Russia. Most of
my hunts have been DIY. A long time ago, I
learned that the cheap man spends the most
money, meaning if you buy cheap gear you will
have to replace it soon. So, I tend to do a lot of
research before I buy gear so I only have to buy it
once. I also try to keep things simple. If it ain’t
broke, don’t fix it. That being said, I am still trying
out new things as technology changes, but I still
swear buy the old standbys like wool clothing.
Below is a list of a few things I have been using
for several years.

BOW: Bear Take-Down A Handle 60# at 28”, Grayling Bear Recurves
QUIVER: Original Bear 4 and 8 arrow. New Selway Retro Bear Quiver.
STRING: B-55 Flemish Twist, Jeff Nowak custom strings.
LIMB ACCESSORIES: Bear came limb covers.
ARROW REST: Bear Hair Rest
ARROWS: Footed Surewood Douglas fir Shafts
FLETCHING: Gatweway 5 ½” Shield Cut.
BROADHEAD: Original Bear RazorHeads
BOW CASE: SKB Take-Down Recurve Bow and Arrow Case.
CLOTHING: King of The Mountain Wool, Kuiu Rain Gear, Sitka Traverse Shirt, Black Ovis
Merino wool. Kuiu Guide Gloves, Fingerless Wool Gloves.
SOCKS: Darn Tough-Hunter Extra Cushion, Kuiu- Ultra Merino Socks
BOOTS: Meindl Vakuum Hunters, Cabelas Instinct
BINOS: 10x42 Nikon
BACKPACK: Kuiu 1850 Pro Day Pack
TRAVEL DUFFLE: Cabelas Outfitters Duffle, Eagle Creek roller duffle.
WATER PURIFICATION: Katadyn Hiker Micro Filter
TENTS: Eureka Apex 2XT Adventure.
SLEEPING PAD: Therma-Rest Luxury Lite XL cot.
SLEEPING BAG: Still looking for a good one. Cabelas Alaskan Guide.
KNIFE: Kershaw Alaskan Blade Trader. Case Sharktooth
GAME BAGS: Caribou Gear, Black Ovis

MISC: Knife Sharpener, Leatherman, Broadhead File, Leuko Tape, Waterproof Lighter,
Trekking Poles.

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