Tuff Tribe Spotlight: Dale Karch Gear Dump

Dale's more than 20 years experience as a Tool and Die Maker certainly taught him an important lesson. There's no such thing as "good enough," you keep working until it's done right. That's a good attitude for a bowyer to have. His Tomahawk Bows®, of which he is very proud, are built to his exacting standards. Quality and craftsmanship through and through. Every bow that Dale builds is built as though he was going to hunt with it himself. And he takes his hunting seriously! An avid hunter, he enjoys pursuing any and all kinds of big or small game with the bow and arrow. He's even enjoyed some success in his adventures. Just ask him, he'd be happy to share a story or two.

Dale admits he's a die-hard bow hunter who has pursued; moose, elk, bear, whitetail, mule deer, caribou, small game, and African game. With more than 30 years hunting experience, he's also had his share of misses.

Bow- I am using two bows at this time, Tomahawk SS Longbow 62" 55# @ 28". Das Tribute 62" 53# @ 28". Both RH
Quiver- Safari Tuff Arrow Master Side Quiver
String- Fast Flight Plus Flemish Twist for Long bow, Lazer Bow String for Das.
Arrow Rest- Calf Hair plate.
Arrows- Traditional Only for both bows.
Fletching- 4 fletch arrows with 4-4" Natural barred Turkey feathers LW.
Cresting- 3RA Cap wraps, Tiger FL Yellow
Broadhead- Woodsman 125G mounted on a 75 Grain Steel broadhead adapter.
Finger Protection- Bateman Cordovan Tab can't pinch.
Bow Case- 3RA Strung Bow Case and 3RA Take down Bow Case
Clothing- I am using wool when ever possible. KUIU Rain gear.
Socks- Wool at all times, they make great summer wool socks.
Boots- Depends on hunt, Keen waterproof boots for most of the year, I do have a great pair of leather boots for mountain hunts. Custom made to fit my oversized feet.
Gaiters- Bad Girls Gaters.
Binos- Leica's  Ultravid 8X42 and a pair of Wind River 8X32
Back Pack- Kuiu Pro 2300
Travel Bag- Cabela's  Brand
Water Purification- I use tablets inside my Camelback or in camp I also use my REI pump filter system.
Sleeping Bag- REI Sleeping Bag's
Sleeping Pad- REI Pad a nice roll up one for sure.
Game Bags- Any Anti- Microbial.
Knife- I seem to find the Old Timers knifes very usefull.
MISC: Things I keep in my Back Pack
-A Small first add kit I make up myself depending on the hunt and the length of the hunt, 
Two good LED flashlights,
 Easy to use GPS
,Extra pair of glasses,
 Broadhead File
Plastic garbage bag for keeping meat clean.

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