Get Your Arrow Test Kit.



1 Dozen 500 Spine Arrows with nocks 

The Safari Tuff Taipan .204 Carbon Arrow is guaranteed .003 straight and built TUFF.  You're buying 1 dozen of the tuffest shafts you can buy.  Select your exact components or just get shafts and nocks.

Component Specs:

Nock weight: 9 grains  
Point Collar weight: 16 grains
Nock Collar weight: 5 grains
Cooling Brass Insert weight: 50/75/100 grains
Aluminum Insert weight: 16 grains

How it works:

  1. Select your arrow spine and desired nock color.
  2. Select either brass or aluminum inserts.
  3. Get the exact set up you want.

About the Cooling Brass Insert:

This 100 grain brass insert is a one-of-a-kind insert that has 2 breakable options giving you the ability to fine tune your arrow set up with one single insert. This insert gives you 3 tuning weights from a single insert. 100, 75 and 50 grain weights from one single insert.

Arrows and components come in 1 dozen quantity.

See Arrow Safety