Rod Jenkin Shooting Clinics

Inquiries for Rod Jenkins Clinics: 
Rod Jenkins
302 Ryan Rd
Sommerville, Al 35670


Rod Jenkins is an archer that has always examined and explored the technical aspects of shooting technique. Through decades of experience and research he has acquired a wealth of knowledge to share on form as well as the mental side of the shot. Rod is not only a good shooter; he has the unique ability to transfer his knowledge to others and inspire them to work toward their goals. This is the mark of a great coach, Rod doesn’t try to force his students into a single one size fits all mold and nothing gives him greater pleasure than to see his students improve and excel. Rod helped thousands of archers improve with his teachings on the Masters of the Barebow shooting instructional DVD series. He has also boosted my writing career and inspired many others by letting me interview him countless times to provide solid shooting advice in my bi-monthly columns in Bow & Arrow Hunting magazine. Rod is a trusted friend and his instruction has increased my knowledge and shooting to lofty new levels. Rod’s teachings remind me of the style of Al Henderson; one of the very best coaches in the history of USA archery.

- Denny Sturgis, Jr.



Jimmy Blackmon, IBO World Champion has this to say about the Clinics…
After years of trying to do it my way I decided to get help from a proven coach. Candor, friendship, and an unsurpassed knowledge of everything archery is what I got with Rod Jenkins. With his help and a lot of hard work I went from hoping I’d hit to knowing I’d hit. Whether you are a hunter or a competitive archer, if you are willing to work, Rod will take you to the next level.
-Jimmy Blackmon