Get Your Arrow Test Kit.



  • Tough Ameri Suede Strata Camo or Black Nylon outer shell
  • Heavy Fleece Interior
  • Bi-Fold Design
  • 1 Limb Sleeve Set
  • Accessory Pocket
  • Carry Handle


Gazelle Bow Cases are built for the toughest places on Earth. The Gazelle Bow Case is constructed with an outer shell of tough heavyweight black nylon, a heavyweight fleece lining and fleece limb sleeves.  This case is designed using Safari Tuff’s common sense approach to padding. The case not only protects your bow from impact damage, full wrap-around handles and an outside zippered pocket ensure you have plenty of storage room.


Recurve – This compact case is 28” long  and 9” high and handles risers
up to 21” and two sets of recurve limbs or 23′ ‘riser and one set of

3 pc Longbow – This compact case is 31” long  and 7” high and handles risers
up to 21” and two sets of longbow limbs.

2 pc Longbow – 38″ long and 7″ high to fit most 2pc Longbow length