Easton Axis Traditional Only 3 Arrow TEST Kit

Easton Axis Traditional Only 3 Arrow TEST Kit

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These test kits include 3 different spined arrows and are a great way to test which shafts work best for your set up. 

Depending on the kit you select, you will get one of each spine shaft outlined below.

Test Kit #1  340,400,500
Test Kit #2 400,500,600
Test Kit #3 500,600,700

The first arrow truly made with the traditional archer in mind. The carbon Axis Traditional Only Barebow arrows are designed with gap shooters, string walkers, and instinctive shooters in mind. The white shaft enables point of view and clear gaps for the most accurate aim and shot every time.  Low light conditions are not a problem with the shaft being visible during and after the shot for recovery.  Made Safari Tuff and made for traditional archers the Axis Traditional Only Barebow arrow is here to change the game.

Components: Comes standard with 25 grain Aluminum Half Outs. Additional component options are available for purchase.

Straightness: +/-  .006 

Inner Diameter: .204

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Size GPI +/- 1 grain Outer Diameter Nock Stock Length Point Collar Nock Collar BAR
340 10.3 0.27 x 33 A A 5
400 9.8 0.267 x 32.75 -- -- 4
500 8.9 0.261 x 32.5 F* -- 3
600 7.9 0.253 x 32.25 E** -- 3
700 6.8 x 32.25 E* -- 3
Inner Diameter 0.204
Straigtness 0.006