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Gazelle TD Bow Case
Price:    $52.95  
Introducing the latest addition to Safari Tuff's product line. Built for the toughest places on Earth, the Gazelle TD Bow case is constructed with an outer shell of tough 1000 D Cordura nylon, closed cell foam padding and a heavyweight fleece lining. TD Recurve , 3pc. and 2pc Longbow Options.
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Extra Limb Sleeve Set's
Price:   $12.95/set  

Two limb sleeves come with a case. However, the case has room for another set of sleeves/limbs. These can be purchased separately. This is the limbs only variety.


Rhino Traditional Bow Cases
Price:    $68.00 

First among the many qualities that a bow case should provide is Absolute Protection. Safari Tuff cases are constructed with an outer shell of 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon, closed cell ethafoam padding and heavyweight fleece interior.
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Rhino Compact Bow Cases
Price:    $68.00  
With an overall lenght of 26'' vs the 32'' of the standard Rhino, the new compact Rhino is perfect for bows with up to 25'' limbs, and risers up to 19''.

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Heavyweight Fleece
Takedown Case
Price:   $18.00 
This heavyweight fleece case is for 3 piece takedown bows,available in both longbow and recurve models.

Bow Type


Bow Quiver Fletch cover
Price:    $15.00
These covers are constructed from soft and quiet materials, with reinforced upper band to maintain the opening for smooth and easy arrow retrival....along with an open bottom design which allows no snag arrow removal from bow quiver, while protecting arrow fletching and hiding bright fletching from game.

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Price:    $124.99

The New Arrowmaster features a new internal reinforcement system and True Timber XD3 material, for the quietest and most durable Arrowmaster yet ! 
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ArrowMaster Duiker Model
Price:  $94.99

Like its namesake, the Duiker is small and trim, perfect for up to eight, 2 blade broadheads. With the optional storm cover the Duiker offers the same 100% fletching protection from the elements.
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Masters of the Barebow DVD Series
1 - $24.00,
Any 2- $39.00
Any 3 - $59.00
All 4 - $72.00

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ArrowMaster Duiker Deluxe
Price:  $114.99

Sporting a side accessory pocket like its big brother the Arrowmaster, the Duiker Delux is perfect for carrying 5-6 broadheads to the woods. Standard features include a storm cover for inclement weather and Safari Tuffs new 3pt shoulder strap attachment.
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Rod Jenkins Signature 3 Under Tab
Price: $30.00
Hand crafted

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1 Piece Bow Sleeve
Price: $23.00
Heavyweight and soft one pc bow sleeve constructed of XD3 camo Amerisuede material with 1" mil-spec nylon binding along edges for durability.

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2 Piece Longbow Sleeve
Price: $33.00
Heavyweight and soft 2pc longbow sleeve constructed of XD3 camo Amerisuede material with 1" mil-spec nylon binding along edges for durability.

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